72 HOUR Game jam! What goes around comes around.
Score Space's 6th game jam!  It's high score oriented! Theme: KARMA

WASD or Arrow Keys to Move. Be careful!
Up, or [W] while running will jump.
SpaceBar or Left Click will attack!
You must have good footing on the Earth to use your spear!

Stay humble,  warrior monk. You are not just strong but also soft.
Defeat yokai demons and purge their bad karma.
Collect blooming flowers to cleanse your own karma as well!
Hunting a monster will  cause their  remains to catch aflame,
but once the ash has settled a flower can grow in its place.

All development, art, music and designs by Austin Ashley.

Shoutout to my software tools:
Gameplay with Unity & Playmaker.
Pixel GFX in Aseprite.
Sound composed in Korg Gadget for Switch, and PO-20 Arcade sequencer.


WheelOfDharmaWINDOWS.zip 20 MB

Development log


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He JUMPED. WHAT. Not fair.

ah yes! he is a Ippon-Datara! prolly my favorite AI in the game but also the most dangerous.